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Benchmade Gold Class Immunity 290-241

Regular price $600.00

Following the introduction of the Immunity™ family, the 290-241 Full Immunity™, a new Gold Class limited variant, offers a unique build for the collector looking for a tactical yet compact EDC knife. For quick, compact utility, the 290-241 Full Immunity™ is easily deployed from concealment. This sub-compact folder is a shot in the arm of unique, ultra-premium materials, featuring Ægir patterned Damasteel® in a Wharncliffe blade style, unidirectional Carbon Fiber handles scales with an understated black wood-grain effect, and bright Sapphire Blue accents including the beaded lanyard for easy retrieval. The 290-241 Full Immunity™ is only available through December 31, 2024.

Serial #350!