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***Blemish*** Indiana Knives E.D.Z Vanax *Please Read Description*

Regular price $119.00

Hey everyone, I have some EDZ's with moderate to severe issues. Pricing reflects this as they are listed for dramatically less than what they cost to produce. Issues range but are not limited to anodization discolorations, spine whack failures, light/heavy detents, lockstick etc. Most are usable as it, but some may need some minor modifications.

Some issues such as lockstick improve by cleaning off factory oil on the lock surfaces, and just by opening and closing the knife a couple hundred times. I have seen the spine whack issue improve with some of them as well after they are broken in. I have also experimented with adding a fairly strong magnet to the inside of the handle near where the clip is mounted to add a stronger detent to those with light detents with very good success.

With pricing and cost of shipping/payments fees factor in, I am not able to offer returns/exchanges/warranty service on these. Normally I am more than happy to take special requests with orders if you have things you want me to look for, but for these I will be shipping them out at random. Please no notes saying "Send one without x,y,z issues or send the best one you have."

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to shoot me an email or text and I will be happy to respond. Credit card over PayPal is appreciated, but no big deal either way. 812-727-0453

Thanks, Eric

Blade Steel: Vanax

Cutting Edge Blade Length: 2.95"

Overall Length Open: 7.6"

Handle Thickest Point: .49"

Handle Material: Titanium

Weight: 4.1 ounces

Pivot: Bearings

Locking Mechanism: Trek Lock Licensed By Vosteed

Reversible Clip: Titanium w/Ti filler tab (Clip/tab anodized to match handle)

Backspacer: Titanium

Hardware: Stainless w/T8 heads

OEM: Bestech