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Real Steel Blue G10 Handled Metamorph Indiana Knives Exclusive!

Regular price $59.60

**This version of the Metamorph has run its course. Thanks everyone! -Eric


For this update, our main priority was addressing the slipperiness of the older aluminum handled Metamorph. To do this we decided to go with a G10 handle which provides significantly more grip.

Additionally, I opted to upgrade the blade steel to N690 from the former 14C28N model.

If you have been curious about trying out a front flipper, this is a pretty solid choice considering the material, price, and most importantly the action!


Lock: Linerlock

Blade Steel: N690

Blade Length: 3.54”

Blade Thickness: .12”

Handle Material: G10

Overall Length: 8.15”

Weight: 2.47 Ounces

Thanks everyone! -Eric Ziliak