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TRM Neutron 2 Micarta 3D Contoured

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Launched in the summer of 2018, TRM was not able to keep up with public demand for the Neutron linerlock. Despite its overwhelming popularity, hundreds of customers clamored for a deep pocket carry clip and more scale options like its big brother Atom.

To celebrate Neutron’s 2nd birthday, they decided it was time to respond to these repeated requests. Neutron 2 (aka NEWtron) was launched in September 2019. New pocketed liners allow for a wide range of scale materials and machining options - 3D milled scales, carbon fiber, Fat Carbon, Micarta, G10, G11, Tek-Wood. We try to add a special feature to all of our knives, and Neutron 2 is no exception. Besides the pocketed liners, scale hole patterns have been repositioned to accommodate its new deep pocket titanium clip OR a standard Neutron Classic bent titanium clip (available for purchase separately ).

All other Neutron features, including the .090” thick blade stock, 3” long CPM 20CV powdered metal blade steel, and custom-made titanium thumbstuds and barrel spacers, are unchanged. Of course, Neutron 2 is sleek, lightweight (2.5) and razor-sharp right out of the box.

All TRM Neutron 2’s are 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA utilizing US materials (Fat Carbon is manufactured in Lithuania)and suppliers. We proudly etch USA on all of our blades!


OAL Open: 7-1/16"

Closed Length: 4"

Thickness: .360"

Weight: 2.5 oz.


Length: 3"

Thickness: .090"

Steel: CPM 20CV

Finish: 2-Part Tumbling Process- Deburring and a Final Tumble/Polish in Ceramic Balls

Grind: Full Flat with a Razor-sharp Cutting Edge

Lock: Linerlock